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This website is not related to Bullshido.com or Bullshido.net

It is a free website dedicated to good Martial arts instructors who have been

*Falsely accused, harassed or slandered by the Martial sport thugs on these two sites.

* Note: the word Falsely is defined as:
not genuine, intentionally untrue, adjusted or made so as to deceive, intended or tending to mislead.

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Take note that most of the thugs on Bullshido websites also are moderators on other Martial SPORT websites such as:
Cagewarriors.com, MartialTalk.com and MartialArtsPlanet.com

Who is Bullshido.net? Really?

Bullshido.net is stated as a group of Martial artist who wish to uncover fraud and corruption in the Martial arts community. This would be something that would do the public a great service, if it were true.  I am 100% for exposing fradulant, untruthful instructors in the Martial arts community as I dispise the false marketing and deception for monetary gain or ego inflation.  This group, however, are all Martial Sportist whom use the forum as a sick means of enjoyment by tormenting, harassing and slandering everyone who is not a sportist.  In addition, they use continuous profanity in every other sentence on their website. Profanity from the very rules of the site to every childish and violent blogs listed. In essence, Bullshido.net is a Martial sports website that is deceptively using the words Martial arts. On that website they can be anything they want, hence, they call themselves Martial artist. In reality, they are children sportist and some older adult sportist (instructors). This is another means for Martial sportist to deceive the public.


There are no Martial artist at all on the Bullshido.net website. Any Martial artist would not even consider looking at that website. However, any Martial sportist in the world would thoroughly enjoy the website because of the violence, profanity and untruthfulness. Like pigs rolling in mud, they are in their glory. These Martial sportist purposefully instigate, harass and slander anyone they have a reason to or who disagree with anything they say.  If your a Martial artist, it's in your best interest to let them destroy themselves and not to reply on any of their blogs. This is why I have provided this website free to anyone who has been falsely accused or harassed by these Martial sport thugs.


The sportist on the Bullshido.net website have a history of contacting instructors and actually meeting with them to fight. Most have extremely limited knowledge in any Martial arts (as they are sportist) but pass judgement on Martial arts instructors. Take notice - if your referring to any MMA or UFC sports topic, you won't find much curruption going on there on the Bullshido.net website as that is what the site is all about.

A google search on Bullshido.net will show many lawsuits, unwarrented harassment, computer hacking attempts and occurances of threatening email, calls and even unfortunate cases of Bullshido moderators meeting other hot-headed instructors to actually fight and see who the better man is. Truely a disgrace these sportist bring upon the name "Martial arts" that they deceptively use in marketing to inflate their own egos. 


MMA / UFC is NOT Martial arts at all and is where all the corruption, untruthfullness and problems lay. The profanity, egos and violence are not a part of Martial arts and never were.  This is something that sportist do not want to hear and become enraged to the point of actually wanting to cause someone physical harm or death. Because deep in the heart, they know it's the one title they cannot claim.



What is Bullshido.info? (this website)

This website is not for anyone wishing to retaliate and attack the Bullshido.com or .net sites. It is only for Martial artist that wish to have a seperate page to explain the harassment in there own words, without having to be badgered, instigated and further harassed by the sportists on those sites.

This website is not a blog and the follow up articles will be read by by the webmaster for approval before giving the instructor a seperate page on this website for his story. 

There is no charge for articles being submitted and posted, the conditions will be discussed and are very simple. Place a link on your website for Bullshido.info and send me an email with the information, name, school etc.. Most importantly is to list the title as the very title of the blog that you come up with in the search engine results or on bullshido.net.

This site is only for instructors that have been slandered as a means for the public to view both sides of the situation.  If you are a sports school or a large franchise, I'm sorry to say - you're on your own and no articles will be accepted. 

If your personal name and martial arts school are listed in one of these so called "investigations" on Bullshido.net and what they have written about you is not true, that is when I will list an article about the situation, explaining the circumstances etc..  I know there are more people out there who have been simply harassed and slandered because of a disagreement or opposite perspective then the sportist.  That is fraudulant! Listing slanderous statements about Martial arts instructors because they made someone upset because of their perspectives? 


The public who do not know you, also do not know that these people are all Martial sportist and that 80% of the moderators are children 18 or younger. Just to hear that fact sounds too rediculas to be true.


Therefore, how would they know if what these children and hot-headed sport school instructors are saying is true or not?  They won't.  That is why you post your follow up artical here. Tastefully and completely. Then you wash your hands of it and let the search engines pull these follow up stories right along side of the fraudulant ones listed by bullshido.net.  Then you have both sides of the story and one can decide for themselves.  Legal and factual.  Bullshido.info comes up with the other two sites in the search results, therefore everyone has a fair chance of clearing the fraudulant blogs of bullshido.net




Follow up articles by Martial Arts instructors that have been slandered are listed below. Click on link for story.

Far Hills, NJ: Genshin Ki Dojo - Master Christian, 10th Dan



To have a follow up story listed please send the required information in an email to:


Note: write your story in an email, any emails with attachments will be deleted.

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